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As a professional artist, I have worn many hats: a full-time studio artist, college art professor and art department chair, art show judge and exhibition curator, art program director, community arts administrator, and arts volunteer. In the summer of 2000 I was on a professional retreat at the Vermont Studio Center. While there, I made the decision to move to west-central Virginia, onto the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


When making artwork, images or image/objects, I attempt to create evocative experiences for viewers of my art. All of my paintings, drawings, collages, and other types of artwork grow out of an exploration of the natural world and our place within that world. I use a combination of direct observation along with personal, community, and/or historical memory to generate ideas and images. The process involves aesthetic, poetic, and scientific evaluation and manipulation of the work and I pass all these through the prism of creative exploration.