WORKSHOP: Ink+Color (@ McG)

Red Barrow in the Snow, WEB.jpg
Red Barrow in the Snow, WEB.jpg

WORKSHOP: Ink+Color (@ McG)

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Explore the power of using Ink(s) with your watercolor, color pencil, or pastel media!  Starting with limited tools/media and expanding to include your favorite portable dry, wet, or combination of painting, drawing, or sketching media, we will work on using line, shape, texture, and color designwhile creating our own images. Meet at McGuffey in the morning session and at nearby venues for the afternoon session both days. Designed to be suitable for novice to advanced mixed media students who have some previous experience in drawing and/or painting. There will be lots of demos, handouts, and feedback.

STUDENTS: Adults & Mature teens


Saturday, September 21st & Friday, September 22nd, 9:00-4:00 pm. (We will get a 12-1 break for lunch both days.) 

INSTRUCTOR:  John A. Hancock

Venue info: 434-295-7973
Additional info 434-939-7445

LOCATIONMcGuffey Aty Center, Charlottesville, VA

TUITION: $179 ($154 for seniors)

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