Professional Life


I love being able to share my passion for making art with others. Frankly, it is a privilege and a real joy to be able to work with and alongside individuals and groups who are following their artistic dreams.

For more than thirty years, I taught drawing, painting, design and even some art history as a full-time college art professor. Working with fellow artists and spending time every week in my own studio helped me become a much better teacher.  And it was a two way street because preparing for those classes and coaching my students helped me grow as an artist as well.

In addition to working as a college art professor, I have also taught classes for adults and private students. Even for adults, I tend to start with a solid grounding in basic skills and techniques, and then move on to options in design and studio practices that will help students create art for years to come. My goal is not so much to teach you how I work … though I may use my studio practice as a small part of what and how I teach. Rather, it is my objective to help you along a path to understanding the methods and working practices that you want to pursue.

During my eight years directing the art program at North Carolina Governor School-East, I worked with extremely motivated and talented high school aged students. Their excitement and passion was, frankly, quite infectious. I continue to enjoy working with this age group during my summers and occasionally during the “school” years as well. I still serve as Senior art judge for the NC Governor’s Schools and as a national judge for the College Board’s Advanced Placement program.

Now that I am spending much more time working in my own studio, I also have the time to conduct workshops, teach a few short courses, and making presentations to community art groups, schools, and art professionals. It has also afforded me the opportunity to judge and curate art shows and to advise or serve on the boards of local and regional arts organizations.





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