New Watercolors, Edited by John A. Hancock                                               New Watercolors Exhibition Catalog, Shenandoah Valley Art Center November, 2015









“Hancock’s paintings are … a visual exploration of the natural world … they … include the flora and fauna, the rocks and creeks, or the majestic features of a mountain range.

Although some … paintings are realistic, most combine abstract elements …” I interrupt the viewer’s access to the landscape by juxtaposing or layering two or more images together … or I might float geometric shapes, maps, or diagrams into the work,” he said.”

From: “Sen and Hancock featured in Rocky Mount Show”  Wilson Times, August 14th, 2014



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From: “March First Fridays Gallery Guide””                                               Cville Weekly &, March 6th,, 2014










“Step into Elizabettown College’s Lyet Gallery to view the exhibit of works by Virginia artist John A. Hancock, and the first thing you notice is the curious amalgamation of seemingly disparate images: birds, human faces, seedpods and leaves, maps, a numbered diagram.

… His work is a combination of naturalism, traditional approaches, traditional mark-making,” continues Friedly. There are also “references to history, to art history, as well as his work being autobiographical … and having a narrative to it.”

From: “John Hancock’s artworks delve into natural, family history” Elizabethtown News, Lancaster Online, by Diane Bitting, January 30th, 2014












The Natural World: A Postmodern Perspective, exhibition catalogue from Mount Saint Mary’s University.









100 Southern Artists, E. Ashley Rooney, Schiffer Press

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“Nearly every composition on view in this show, from those that measure four by five inches (not including mat and frame) to larger works that fill the viewer’s space, is presented as a judicious melding of layered forms. Each is infused with melting softness that celebrates nature’s mysteries contrasted with images of architectural crispness.”

From: “Artist Deserves Patent On Reinventing Nature”                          The Daily Progress, Art World, by Ruth Latter, October 9th, 2003




Adirondack’s National           18th Annual Exhibition of       American Watercolors   exhibition catalogue from      View Art Center, Old Forge,    NY, 1999