Artist Bio

I was a normal kid for the most part. However, we did move around the Southeast and Midwest (from Atlanta to Wichita, from northern and central Florida to eastern North Carolina) a total of six times before I started college. Rather than being a disruption to my life, I enjoyed growing up in all those towns and small cities that were the home to colleges, universities, military bases, the aerospace industry, and their local agricultures. Those tended to be really interesting and exciting places for me.

My father’s whole family is from the US and my mother grew up and remains proudly British. Moving about quite a bit and traveling, to visit my mother’s family in England and Ireland, I became aware early on that all these places and people were quite different. Somehow, the realization came as well that, wherever we went, they were also pretty much the same. Soon, entranced by the visual differences of culture and of location, I spent many hours exploring the wild places of the natural world and the rural, suburban, and urban built environments, seeking out grand vistas and small quiet places and spending hour upon hour in a type of visual reverie. I still do.

Balancing the fact that I was something of a natural contemplative, I also became very interested in social and cultural history, as well as archeology, natural history, biology, and geography. All the while, I was constantly making images. So it came as no surprise to my family, when I went to college, that I followed all of my interests … but chose to do so by being an artist.

Since 2000, I have lived, made art, and taught in the shadow of Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. Despite the fact that I loved my visits around the country (from Vermont’s mountains, to the Phoenix and Taos, from the salt marshes of southern Florida to the beautiful plains of the upper Midwest), these ancient mountains and valleys have felt like home to me from the moment I arrived here.

As an artist, I am at home with my love for visual ideas and images, with my passion for color and design, and with sharing my work with you.