About the Art Work My paintings, drawings, and collages are an integral part of my continued exploration of the natural world and our place in it. Most of my work starts from the direct observation of a landscape, plants, or other natural objects. Sometimes I complete a painting or drawing in one sitting much like my early plein air training. More often though, I take my drawings, sketches, photos, and notes back into the studio; there I attempt to bring my work to completion through a process of revision and experimentation. The “usual” materials I begin to play with are dry and/or wet drawing media … as well as watercolor or gouache. Sometimes I combine these and other materials, improvising and re-working the image—searching for a balance between the elegance of simplicity and visually rich complexity. In this way, I can bring together naturalistic and abstracted elements while using excitement and tension to create tentative visual harmonies in each painting or drawing.

About the Artist Since 2000, I have lived, made art, and taught in the shadows of Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. Prior to relocating my family here, I grew up, studied, and/or worked throughout the Southeast and Midwest (from Atlanta to Wichita, from Florida to North Carolina). Having moved about the country so much as a child and later as an adult, exploring exotic and ordinary places has become second nature to me. And while I really do love calling these Virginia mountains and valleys home, travel just might be a bit of an addiction! Luckily for me, both pay off though in better, richer art images.

Professional Info
I regularly exhibit my art locally, regionally, nationally, and have also shown in England. For many years, I balanced being an artist with working as an art professor. I am now in the studio full time. While I do, on occasion teach a college art class, I now enjoy the increased opportunity to judge art shows, conduct workshops, and make presentations to professional and community art groups and schools.